Friday, May 25, 2012

For You. With Love, Me ~

For me, love is you. Every smiles, pain, tears and laughs. The first time I met you that day, the very first day we went out, the very first day I held your hand. I never thought you'll mean so much too me. I wish to always hold you. I wish to always see you smile. I wish, to always by your side to hug you when you feel sad or happy. I wish to always be your everything. Your smile that always mesmerized me. The way you laugh that I always love to see. Your kissing me,that always warmth my heart. Your arms that always be my favorite place. I pray to God every night, that please let me have you, only for me. Let me be the one that accompany you, to walk down the road through all the good and bad times. Let me be the one that stand beside you. Let me be the one that fulfill all your dreams. I know, I might not be the one that good enough to stand with you now. But, will you patiently wait for me ? It will take some time, but I promise I'll be the one that worth to stand by your side. The thought of losing you, a nightmare that haunt me. Keep me sleepless at night. Forgive me for loving you too much. Forgive me for being selfish to keep you only for myself. If one day, you're no longer with me. If one day, you found someone that you love more than me. I'll try my best to let you go, but she won't love you enough like I do. I love you. More than you might know.

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