Wednesday, May 16, 2012

kabhi alvida na kehna(never say goodbye) a love.. that broke... all relationship.

Dev Saran (Shahrukh Khan) is a successful football player in the United States. He lives in New York with his wife Rhea (Preity Zinta) who is a fashion designer. They have a son named Arjun. Also living with them is Dev's mother Kamaljeet (Kirron Kher). Maya (Rani Mukherji) is an orphan who is to marry her closest childhood friend Rishi Talwar (Abhishek Bachchan) - the two have been raised by Rishi's fun-loving father Samarjit a.k.a Sam (Amitabh Bachchan).Dev encounters Maya moments before she is to marry Rishi. Coincidentally, it is also Dev and Rhea's fifth wedding anniversary. Although Dev and Maya are strangers, they connect instantly. The two part ways and Dev bids Maya goodbye - Maya tells him that they should never say goodbye because they may meet again someday. Moments after they part ways, Dev is hit by a car and injures his leg and as a result is no longer able to play football.
Four years pass after Dev and Maya met one another. Dev is now extremely bitter - firstly because of his inability to play football and secondly because Rhea is very successful in her career making Dev look inferior to her. Maya is in a similar situation - she has found that she is infertile and generally does not feel any love towards Rishi because she believes he is quite selfish. The two couples meet and quickly become friends. Rishi invites the Sarans to Sam's party. Here, Rishi and Rhea go off and dance together, much to their partner's irritation. Also, Sam and Kamaljeet show blatant signs of falling for one another. The next day, Dev and Maya witness Sam and Kamaljeet embracing one another. When they confront them about it, Sam and Kamaljeet explain that they are both in the same situation (i.e. they have both lost their original partners) so have decided to come together to help one another. Dev and Maya notice each other's marriages failing miserably - they decide that as friends, they need to help one another in saving their marriages (taking into account what Sam and Kamaljeet said to them). They meet everyday for a coffee and discuss their faults as well as Rishi and Rhea's. Eventually though, Dev and Maya decide to take a break from saving their marriages and decide to spend some quality time together. They find themselves being drawn to one another.
On their wedding anniversaries, they decide to organise a meal for their partners. After the meal, both couples have an argument. Dev gets angry when he thinks Rhea accepted a promotion to shift to London (in fact she was going to tell him that she refused it). Rishi gets angry at Maya when she accuses him of being selfish and not understanding her needs. Maya arrives at the station and finds Dev there. The two argue and Dev eventually admits that he has fallen in love with Maya. In time, Kamaljeet and Sam notice that Dev and Maya are being stubborn in their relationships - they decide to make Rhea and Rishi talk to one another. When they do this, Rhea and Rishi realise they love their partners dearly (despite their faults) and that they need to stop arguing with them. For a while, the marriages start to work. The two couples then go to a ballet show - Dev and Maya each openly compliment their partners and start showing them affection during the show. The next day, Dev and Maya believe they are cheating on one another with their partners and sleep together. Sam invites the Sarans to his house for dinner to celebrate Kamaljeet's birthday. Here, Dev 'jokingly' admits he loves Maya - Sam is the only one other than Dev and Maya, who knows that Dev was being serious. Shortly afterwards, Dev and Maya are caught embracing one another by Sam and Kamaljeet. Sam soon has a heart attack. On his death bed, he advises Maya to leave Rishi as he can see that neither of them are happy in the marriage. Dev and Maya now decide they must end their relationship and go back to Rhea and Rishi but they must tell them about their extramaritial affairs. Rhea and Rishi decide they have had enough and divorce Dev and Maya. On the phone, Dev and Maya tell each other that they have managed to sort things out with their partners. They now believe they shall never meet again and that it is truely time to say goodbye.
Three years pass - Dev and Maya have not seen each other in all these years. Rishi visits Maya and tells him that he is re-marrying and wants her to be his best man to which she agrees. Rhea arrives at Rishi's wedding with her boss Jay (Arjun Rampal in a cameo) whom she is now dating. Rhea learns that Rishi and Maya are now divorced - Rishi learns the same about Dev and Rhea. Rhea finds Maya and tells her that she divorced Dev when she heard he was having an affair with Maya. She also tells her that Dev is on his way to Toronto via train. Maya is encouraged by Rishi and Rhea to find her true love. At the station, Dev sees Maya but tries to avoid her, believing she is still married to Rishi. However, they see each other as the train leaves. Dev pulls the emergency stop and arrives back at the station. Dev learns that Maya has also been divorced in these three years. They decide to start a new life together. Before the credits roll up, Dev narrates that love should be the only foundation of marriage because otherwise the marriage will never work out.

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