Friday, May 25, 2012

♥ I came,I came into your life ♥

~ ♥ ~ I will love him till the end of time ~ ♥ ~

You came, you came into my life. Your happiness is my happiness, your laughter is my own. I've become yours now. Into your life. into my life. into your life I came, I came. What you believe, I'll believe. I won't think anything else. I've arrived to make it come true. You, come and take from me whatever you desire. I'm your love, I'll give you love, will you give it to me? I'm here, and so are you. Take delight in love upon love. Going crazy with love. Some pleasurable intoxication has spread through us. Today I'll tell you something. Say it softly. Today I'll give something away to you. Give it to me in secret. These are virgin lips, today I'm yours. I've become, become, become, a madwoman for love. I loving you. loving you.

In others' faces I see the face of the one, the one, the one. Whose name I match with others. his love has settled into my every pore. Love is a part of me now. love is in my dreams. I've adorned myself, adorned myself, adorned myself for love. I must speak, must speak, must speak, with you today, with you, with you. Take away, take away, take me away from myself. How long, how long I've been sitting in wait for you! What I must say to you, I'll say before everyone. Love is in my heartbeats. love is in my restless longing. Love is in my heart, love is in my body. I've gone, I've gone, I've gone, I've gone to meet love. It's been possessed by love. I've become a madwoman for love and you. 

Today it's just you and me, and our love...  this is desire, and it's love. How is it possible that, until now, you'd never fallen in love with someone? How can I believe that you'd never before given away your heart? My heart began to wonder about it. Why are my heartbeats so rapid? It often seems to me that perhaps you've been made for me alone. Why do I love you so much? I want only you to tell me....what sort of faith is that? what sort of wait is this?

Look at your lover, we'll meet again. we've met. Who knows where we've gone to. We've gone. "Our eyes met,our lips joined"  In my love for you, I swear by this vow, I love only you... Love will not happen to me again. People say I'm crazy. I don't even know (whether it's true). I've plundered a heart of you. now I won't heed anyone. Having given peace, I took away restlessness. Having cast away sleep, I kept my faith to you. I swear by this vow, I was living on your breath. Now I will never fall in love again. I love only you. From what you've said to me through your hints and allusions. I'm becoming sure that something happened to you as well.  Why do I look at you? What do I believe in my heart?

Love will not happen to me again now. I swear by this vow, yes, this vow, this vow, I have vowed it to you, accept the vow. I swear by this vow, I love only you. I will not fall in love again.  because my love just for you. I very love you. this is my vow,What about the vows you?

Refer to : Rizal 

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